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According to Dana White, the Power Slap League is worth half a billion dollars. But what is the Power Slap and how have they shot up of that valuation in less than two years?

Power Slap League launched two years ago, founded and owned by UFC Chief Executive Officer Dana White, it is a new combat sports league where strikers slap each other without defence for three rounds (one slap each per round). The same strategy that made UFC popular in the early days when it was acquired by Dana White and the Fertitta brothers, was applied successfully to the Power Slap.

The company gained initial recognition through its production of a reality television series named “Power Slap: Road to the Title,” originally aired on the TBS network in the United States and on Rumble internationally. Contestants on the show engaged in face-slapping matches in pursuit of victory in the “Power Slap League” tournament.

In addition to White and the ownership group of the Power Slap League comprises industry heavyweights like Hunter Campbell, Fertitta Brothers (Lorenzo and Frank), TV producer Craig Piligan, Endeavor, and hedge fund Zeke Capital. Campbell, who is the head lawyer at UFC and Power Slap is tasked to build and improve establishing a regulatory framework that modernises certain outdated elements of slap fighting. So far Power Slap has been commissioned by the Nevada and California State Athletic Commissions with the aim to get the league commissioned in all 50 states.

UFC President Dana White has faced significant scrutiny over Power Slap. Despite the criticism, the inaugural season of “Power Slap: Road To The Title” aired eight episodes.

Power Slap has garnered considerable attention on social media, securing an exclusive deal with Rumble Sports. While concerns about the repeated slapping and its classification as a sport lingered, White remains optimistic about the promotion’s progress into a household name.

Collaborating with the video-sharing platform Rumble, Power Slap events amasses millions of views per event, Power Slap’s revenue and viewership have surpassed expectations, as revealed by White.

White disclosed that he and his former partners, who aided in launching the UFC, invested $10 million in Power Slap. He asserts that the promotion has evolved into a multi-million dollar enterprise, currently valued at over $450 million. According to White, the initial investment has already been recouped.

The Sports Journal alongside sports AI company, Sponsorlytix, conducted a comprehensive analysis of the league by compiling extensive data on six key metrics with other factors and parameters to look at the unprecedened growth of the league.

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TV Broadcast and Viewership

Looking at the data of the viewers of Power Slap’s events and reality series, it provides a comprehensive glimpse into the viewership trends, revealing a notable evolution over time.

Power Slap started on TBS with the reality series and their viewership were respectable considering it is a completely new sport and league for an American audience. Throughout its run on TBS, Power Slap experienced fluctuations in viewership and ratings, the weekly reality show garnered between 220,000 and 413,000 viewers each week. Despite these fluctuations, Power Slap remained a notable presence in its time slot, albeit facing challenges in maintaining consistent viewership.

After moving to Rumble, the numbers sky rocketed with “Power Slap 1 on Rumble,” boasted impressive figures with a total viewership of 3.41 million, indicating a strong initial reception. Subsequent seasons maintained solid viewership, though with fluctuations, such as “Power Slap 2” garnering 1.98 million viewers.

Source: Sponsorlytix

However, as the series progressed, there was a slight gradual decline in viewership, evident in the figures for “Power Slap 3” and jumping back up to 2.59 million viewers for “Power Slap 6”.

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Power Slap Broadcasters & Viewership

Name Average Viewers
Power Slap 6 Rumble 2.59m
Power Slap 5 Rumble 1.09m
Power Slap 4 Rumble 1m
Power Slap 3 Rumble 1.1m
Power Slap 2 Rumble 1.98m
Power Slap 1 Rumble 3.41m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 8 0.22m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 7 0.27m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 6 0.31m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 5 0.27m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 4 0.27m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 3 0.28m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 2 0.41m
Power Slap First Season TBS Week 1  0.3m

Source: Sponsorlytix

Social Media Followers Compared to NFL, NBA and MLB

This is where the Power Slap shines the brightest. Power Slap is a product for the social media; quick, entertaining and explosive. It’s remarkable success on TikTok and Instagram is proof of that.

“Everybody thought I was full of s*** in the beginning. But, if you take the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, WWE, NASCAR, Formula One, PGA and a couple others I can’t remember, you combine all their social media numbers together and multiply it by four, Power Slap beats them.” said Dana White

Multiple videos have surpassed 50 million views each, most videos surpass 10 million views regularly, with one reaching an astonishing 355 million views. Social Media platform proves ideal for Power Slap, as entire interactions can be captured in a concise 30-second clip.

The metrics reveal a relatively modest following level, the Power Slap lags way behind when it comes to follower counts compared to NFL, NBA and MLB but the Power Slap is a two year old league and it’s follower counts have been increasing gradually month on month. 

Source: Sponsorlytix

White highlights the success of “Power Slap: Road To The Title” on TBS, emphasizing its social media impact. He notes the promotion’s rapid growth on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, boasting a billion views on TikTok alone in four weeks and millions more on Instagram.

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Social Media Followers Compared to NFL, NBA and MLB

X Facebook Instagram TikTok Youtube
Power Slap – 0.03m Power Slap – 2.8m Power Slap – 2.8m Power Slap – 4.3m Power Slap – 1.88m
NFL – 34.9m NFL – 19m NFL – 29.8m NFL – 14m NFL – 12.7m
NBA – 45.5m NBA – 48m NBA – 86.4m NBA – 21.4m NBA – 21.4m
MLB – 11.5m MLB – 9.6m MLB – 10.6m MLB – 7.2m MLB – 4.9m

Source: Sponsorlytix

Additionally, White mentions that Power Slap’s TikTok posts average 10 million views each, surpassing renowned sports entities like WWE, UFC, and NFL in online engagement.

“Globally, we’re doing 400 million views in India, we’re doing 90 million views in Russia, 40 million views in Brazil, the list goes on and on. This thing is a f***ing juggernaut.”

Source: Sponsorlytix

Power Slap is indeed a social media juggernaut, surpassing major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB in terms of video viewership. The latest statistics reveal that Power Slap’s content regularly generates staggering numbers across various social media platforms. On Instagram, on average, every Reel generates over 10 million views and the highest viewed Reel has an impressive 58.5 million views.

Highest Social Media Viewed Video Compared to NFL, NBA and MLB

Instagram TikTok Youtube
Power Slap – 58.5m Power Slap – 355.4m Power Slap – 1.6m
NFL – 19.3m NFL – 36.6m NFL – 306m
NBA – 26.7m NBA – 25m NBA – 68m
MLB – 18.6m MLB – 8.4m MLB – 29m

Source: Sponsorlytix

While on TikTok, the highest viewed video generated a remarkable 355.4 million views, Power Slap videos constantly go viral on TikTok generate an average of 12 million views per video. Even on YouTube, Power Slap’s presence is formidable, with the highest viewed video generated a total of 1.6 million views.

In comparison, the NFL, NBA, and MLB, while still formidable in their own right, trail behind with fewer views across all three platforms. This surge in online engagement shows the growing popularity and appeal of Power Slap in the digital landscape, signaling its emergence as a significant player in the world of sports entertainment. In a digital age where going viral is everything, it provides the perfect platform for brands and sponsors to gain maximum exposure for their products.

Corporate Sponsorship & Partnership Revenue

Dana White’s revelation about the staggering corporate sponsorship and partnership revenue highlights the success achieved by the “Power Slap” within a remarkably short timeframe. With an impressive array of sponsors contributing to the venture, totalling a substantial $36 million in revenue per year. It’s evident that the series has not only captivated audiences but also attracted significant interest from the corporate sector.

“In nine months I have an unbelievable amount of sponsors. This thing and I haven’t said this publicly to anybody, this is a $450million business in nine months.”

The diverse range of sponsors, including industry giants like Monster Energy alongside emerging brands such as Howler Head, Easypost and Happy Dad, reflects the broad appeal and marketability of the “Power Slap” brand.

Source: Sponsorlytix

Moreover, the exponential growth in sponsorship revenue, as highlighted by Dana White’s statement, paints a vivid picture of the massively growing commercial potential inherent in the Power Slap brand. From its inception to the present, Power Slap has swiftly transformed into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, leveraging strategic partnerships and corporate sponsorships to solidify its position in the highly competitive entertainment landscape.

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Power Slap Corporate Sponsors & Partners

Name Value
Monster Energy $15 million
10X Cardone Ventures $3 million
Howler Head $3 million
Easypost $3 million
Happy Dad $3 million
Polacheck’s $1 million
Kudo Popcorn $1 million
Hydroxycut $1 million
Arsenal Strength $1 million
Slate Milk $1 million
Jeremy’s Razors $0.5 million
Brickhouse Nutrition $0.5 million
Double Eagle $0.5 million
Origin $0.5 million
STN Sports $0.5 million
Circa $0.5 million
Estrella Jalisco $0.5 million
Anthem $0.5 million
Total $36 million

Source: Sponsorlytix

With views in the multi-millions on their live events on Rumble and hundreds of millions of views on viral videos each month, Power Slap provides the perfect platform for brands to generate the highest awareness compared to any other combat sports league.

This rapid ascent not only speaks volumes about the show’s popularity but also its ability to forge lucrative collaborations, paving the way for continued success and expansion in the dynamic world of televised sports entertainment.

Player Talent & Star Attraction

This is where the Power Slap struggles and lags behind so far. The social media following of Power Slap athletes presents a clear opportunity for growth and expansion, signaling an area where Dana White and the Power Slap organization can focus their efforts to cultivate the stars of tomorrow. With current numbers relatively low across the board, there’s immense potential to elevate these athletes into household names, not only within the combat sports community but also among casual sports enthusiasts.

Power Slap Athletes

Name Social Media Followers
Wesley Drain 2.6k
Jesus Diaz 1.6k
Lorenzo Florean 0
Andrew Fields 0.7k
Christopher Debt 1k
Duane Crespo Jr. 0
Vernon Cathey 8.9k
Nate Burnard 12.6k
Kody Hrastnik 0
Emanuel Muniz 0
Jesse Nutting 1k

Furthermore, fostering compelling narratives and storylines around the athletes can significantly enhance their appeal and resonance with fans. By spotlighting their journeys, triumphs, and adversities both inside and outside the ring, Power Slap can forge deeper connections between athletes and audiences, transcending the boundaries of traditional combat sports fandom.

This approach not only humanizes the athletes but also creates compelling narratives that resonate with a broader audience base, drawing in viewers who may not have previously been engaged with the sport.

Event Average Attendance

The first event of Power Slap League that was open to general public (Power Slap 6) sold out within days. It may or may not have had something to do with the Super Bowl LVIII in the city, amplifying the excitement surrounding the event. In a strategic move, the slap-fighting company collaborated with Endeavor’s On Location Experiences to facilitate ticket sales for the event.

Source: Sponsorlytix

This marked a significant departure from the exclusive nature of the league’s initial year, which limited attendance to VIP invitees, influencers, and celebrities. The decision to open the doors to general fans for the sixth event proved fruitful, resulting in a sold-out venue.

Power Slap Events Attendance

Season Saudi Pro League
Power Slap 6 1000
Power Slap 5 500
Power Slap 4 300
Power Slap 3 250
Power Slap 2 250
Power Slap 1 200

Source: Sponsorlytix

Pay Structure

As of today, the pay structure is a bit low. Power Slap League has faced intense scrutiny since its launch, facing backlash from neurologists, who warn of the potential for lasting brain damage due to repeated facial slaps. Dana White assured fans that the commission is actively working to enhance safety protocols amidst growing criticism regarding the sport’s brutality. But let’s be honest, there are leagues and tournaments that are far more dangerous, like the PBR, where athletes have to ride a two-thousand-pound angry bull, which wants nothing but to crush their skulls.

Former UFC middleweight contender Eric Spicely reportedly disclosed details about fighter wages within the league. It’s been alleged that for his debut in slap-fighting, Spicely was offered a mere $2,000 for participation and a $2,000 victory bonus.

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Source: Sponsorlytix

Concerns about the fairness of the competitors’ pay structure have been questioned by fans and media alike, as it has always been a hot topic surrounding Dana White. Despite initial reports suggesting inadequate compensation, White’s defense of the pay structure has been met with skepticism from fight enthusiasts who continue to criticize his foray into this viral format.

White has fought back, suggesting that professional boxers are paid under a similar pay structure in boxing undercards. Considering the star power and attraction of the current roster of strikers at Power Slap, where the highest pay per year can rise up to $45,000, it is a relatively a good payday, considering all factors. Just as pay has risen for stars like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Jon Jones in the UFC, a similar situation could occur in Power Slap as the league’s popularity rises and most importantly the strikers ability to market the events and build them into PPV events.


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