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In a monumental move, Fight Scout, the world’s premier app for combat sports enthusiasts, proudly unveils its official partnership with Prospect Amateurs, the rapidly expanding amateur league dedicated to nurturing future Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) stars. The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of combat sports, combining cutting-edge technology with the thrill of grassroots competition.

Launched recently in the United States, Prospect Amateurs has quickly gained international acclaim, spreading its roots into Colombia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Central Asia. The league aims to provide fighters with little to no experience in bare-knuckle boxing an opportunity to test their abilities and skills, creating a unique and challenging environment with small MMA gloves.

Under this exclusive partnership, Fight Scout will be the go-to platform for broadcasting all Prospect Amateurs events, giving fans worldwide unparalleled access to the excitement of the matches. This collaboration doesn’t stop at mere viewing – Fight Scout offers a unique and interactive experience, allowing viewers to switch camera angles, create video highlights during the stream, and actively participate in activities like voting for their favorite fighter.

Prospective fighters looking to make their mark in the Prospect Amateurs league can now conveniently apply to participate through the Fight Scout app, utilizing an approach similar to the LinkedIn experience for business professionals. This streamlined process makes it easier for aspiring fighters to showcase their skills and connect with opportunities in the combat sports world.

Lubomir Guedjev, founder & CEO at Fight Scout, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Prospect Amateurs in promoting and elevating this new format on a global scale. Fight Scout’s mission aligns seamlessly with the vision of Prospect Amateurs – to provide a platform for upcoming fighters and enthusiasts to connect, showcase their skills, and take their passion to new heights.”

Nelson Lopez, the founder of Prospect Amateurs, echoed this excitement, emphasizing the incredible opportunities this partnership opens up for their league. He stated, “Partnering with Fight Scout opens up incredible opportunities for our league. This collaboration enhances our reach, allowing us to promote the sport around the world in a combat sport-focused environment.”

Fight Scout stands out as the first-ever app tailored specifically for all combat sports and martial arts, offering a multitude of benefits to each category of users, from athletes and managers of fighters to promoters and organizers of amateur competitions in all disciplines, all free of charge.

Fight Scout and Prospect Amateurs are poised to revolutionize the landscape of combat sports, providing exceptional opportunities for fighters, fans, and the entire community.


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