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Sponsorlytix, an AI-powered sports sponsorship analytics and tracking platform, proudly announces the official launch of its closed beta. Designed to revolutionize how organizations within the sports ecosystem measure sponsorships, Sponsorlytix leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and computer vision technologies.

Unmatched Sponsorship Insights

Sponsorlytix aims to disrupt the sports sponsorship landscape with its state-of-the-art analytics tools. These tools are crafted specifically for sports clubs, organizations, governing bodies, esports, and brands to help them maximize their sponsorship investments and achieve unprecedented returns on investment (ROI). By using advanced AI, ML, and computer vision technologies, Sponsorlytix enables brands to accurately assess the impact of their sponsorships in real time across various tangible and intangible assets.

Key Products

Sponsorlytix offers two flagship products tailored to the sports industry:

  1. Sponsorship Dashboard: Tracks, detects, and measures an organization’s sponsor’s brand value across 10 assets, including broadcast TV & OTT, social media, traditional news media, esports, and more.
  2. Tracking Portal: Specifically tracks and detects brand logos, placements, and locations across various sports contexts, while also tracking sports analytics and data.

Sponsorlytix Products Intro

Product Features

  • Real-Time Data Tracking: Monitor sponsorship performance in real time, allowing for agile decision-making and strategic adjustments.
  • Sports Big Data: Leverage comprehensive sports tracking, scoring, and real-time data analysis.
  • Gaming & eSports: Track, detect, and measure performance in eSports tournaments and leagues.
  • Computer Vision & AI: Hundreds of models and data sources trained and deployed to enhance analytical capabilities.

Transformative Potential

“Sponsorlytix is poised to transform the way sports organizations from the amateur to professional level approach sports sponsorships,” said Omar Al Raisi, Founder & CEO of Sponsorlytix. “Our platforms, built on the foundations of AI, ML, and computer vision, provide the clarity and precision needed to navigate the complex world of sports sponsorship, empowering sports organizations and brands to make informed decisions and drive significant value from their investments.”

Sponsorlytix Sports AI Models

Behind The Scenes Success

Before its official launch, Sponsorlytix partnered with the Makarska Open and Bol Open in Croatia and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) as a data partner. This collaboration allowed for extensive internal testing, demonstrating Sponsorlytix’s capabilities on a global stage with visibility in over 100 countries through major broadcasters including beIN Sports, Eurosport, Azam Sports, HRT, and TV Asahi.

Additionally, Sponsorlytix has worked with African Lyon Football Club in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, providing precise insights into their sponsorship performance. This collaboration enhanced African Lyon’s ability to attract and retain sponsors.

Sponsorlytix has also partnered with The Sports Journal on several investigative articles, showcasing its ability to deliver comprehensive and detailed data, supporting in-depth sports journalism. Collaborating with media publishers and broadcasters remains a top priority for Sponsorlytix.

Sponsorlytix Sports AI Models

Funding and AI Developments

Sponsorlytix was primarily built through bootstrapping, with a small pre-seed round funded by family and friends, along with personal investment from founder Omar Al Raisi. These funds were crucial for research and development, leading to the creation of proprietary models that distinguish Sponsorlytix in the market.

The company is now developing hundreds of new AI models and is in the R&D phase of a groundbreaking model set to revolutionize a specific sport. Details about this exciting development will be revealed soon. Sponsorlytix is also looking to raise a seed round to further enhance its platform and expand its market presence, supporting continued innovation and scaling operations to meet the growing demand for sophisticated sports sponsorship analytics.

Join the Closed Beta

To celebrate the launch, Sponsorlytix is opening beta sign-ups for its dashboard and portal. A limited number of customers will be selected for the initial phase. For more information and to sign up for the beta, visit


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