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In an exciting development for local sports enthusiasts in Bolton, UK, the well-known youth project football team has undergone a significant transformation. The organization proudly announces its rebranding to Be The Change Football Club (BTC), marking a new chapter in its history. The rebranding effort includes a revamped club crest and a refreshed identity that signals its evolution from a youth project to a more autonomous football club.

Embracing Growth and Change

Daniel Sukula, the chairman of Be The Change FC, expressed his enthusiasm about the rebranding. “As we continue to grow as an organization, we are delighted to reveal our brand-new crest and football club identity,” Sukula stated. This change reflects the club’s commitment to progress and its aspiration to expand its impact in the football community.

The decision to rename the club and update its logo is more than just a cosmetic change. It signifies the club’s dedication to evolving in step with its growth. By shedding the “Youth Project” label, Be The Change FC aims to establish a distinct identity that can stand independently, yet still remain deeply connected to its roots.

Be The Change FC, Chairman, Daniel Sukula

A New Identity: Be The Change FC

The new name, Be The Change Football Club, embodies the club’s mission and vision. The organization’s belief in the power of football to inspire positive change both on and off the field. The fresh club logo, which accompanies the rebranding, is designed to capture this spirit, symbolizing the dynamic and progressive nature of the club.

This rebranding is more than just a new look; it is a declaration of the club’s independence and its broader ambitions. Be The Change FC will now operate independently from the youth project, allowing both entities to focus on their unique objectives while continuing to collaborate closely. This separation is strategic, enabling the football club to streamline its operations and enhance its competitive edge.

Supporting Youth Development

Despite the structural change, the commitment to youth development remains unwavering. Be The Change FC and the youth project will continue to work in tandem to provide robust support and opportunities for young players. This collaboration aims to nurture talent and facilitate the progression of young athletes in their football careers.

The youth project has always been a cornerstone of the organization, offering training, mentorship, and developmental programs to aspiring footballers. By maintaining this partnership, Be The Change FC ensures that it can still provide these invaluable resources while also focusing on the competitive aspects of the sport.

Looking Ahead: Sponsorship and Support

As Be The Change FC steps into this new phase, the club is actively seeking support from the community and potential sponsors for the upcoming 2024/25 season. Sponsorship plays a crucial role in sustaining the club’s activities, from providing equipment and facilities to supporting travel and competition expenses. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the club at for more information on how they can contribute to and benefit from this partnership.

Sponsorship opportunities with Be The Change FC offer a unique chance for businesses and individuals to align themselves with a dynamic and socially impactful organization. Supporting the club not only aids in the development of young footballers but also fosters community spirit and engagement through sports.

The chairman’s message highlights the strategic vision behind this transformation. “Our name has been modified to Be The Change Football Club (BTC), removing Youth Project from the name, and it will be accompanied by a remodelled club logo,” Sukula explained. This change is a testament to the club’s readiness to embrace its evolving role and expand its horizons.

Community and Legacy

The journey from a youth project to an independent football club is a significant milestone for Be The Change FC. It is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, from the players and coaches to the administrative staff and volunteers. The rebranding is a celebration of this collective effort and a commitment to continue striving for excellence.

As Be The Change FC moves forward, it remains deeply rooted in its community. The club’s new identity is a beacon of hope and ambition, encouraging young players to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. The support from the community and sponsors will be instrumental in realizing these dreams and building a legacy that will inspire future generations.

The new identity not only sets the stage for greater achievements but also reinforces the club’s dedication to being a force for change in the community.


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