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In a surprising turn of events, former Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has emerged as a leading candidate to take charge of the Canadian national team ahead of the 2026 World Cup, which Canada is co-hosting, according to reports from The Telegraph.

Lampard, who has been eyeing a return to management, is reportedly waiting for the right opportunity to re-enter the coaching scene. The prospect of leading a talented, youthful Canadian squad at a major tournament like the World Cup could be an enticing challenge for the Chelsea legend.

Having previously managed clubs like Derby County, Everton, and Chelsea (twice), Lampard’s managerial career has had its ups and downs. His recent stint at Chelsea, where he replaced Graham Potter but struggled to secure results, has left his coaching reputation somewhat diminished.

However, coaching a national team and guiding them through a World Cup campaign could offer Lampard a fresh start and a chance to rejuvenate his career. The opportunity to develop a team towards a major international tournament might appeal to Lampard’s ambitions as a manager.

While Lampard will carefully consider his next move and what he deems to be the right opportunity, Canada’s interest in him highlights the potential allure of leading a host nation at a prestigious event like the World Cup.

Despite Canada’s interest, convincing Lampard to shift from club to international football could pose a challenge, especially if Lampard harbors ambitions to continue coaching at the club level. Nonetheless, the prospect of leading Canada on home soil in 2026 could be a compelling proposition for Lampard as he evaluates his future in coaching.


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