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In an exciting development for combat sports enthusiasts, Fight Scout, the leading app for combat sports aficionados, has announced its sponsorship of a team for the upcoming Almaty International Grappling Association (AIGA) Global qualifying tournament in Turkey. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Fight Scout, as it throws its support behind talented athletes competing on the international stage of AIGA grappling.

Grappling under the AIGA banner represents a unique amalgamation of wrestling disciplines, characterized by minimal restrictions on the use of various techniques aimed at achieving dominance over opponents. With competitions focusing on technical actions in both standing and ground wrestling positions, the emphasis lies on attaining complete control to secure victory.

Established on February 15, 2018, and headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, the Almaty International Grappling Association (AIGA) has rapidly expanded its influence, with representatives in 10 countries, tirelessly working to elevate the profile of AIGA grappling on a global scale.

The forthcoming AIGA Global qualifying tournament in Turkey promises to deliver thrilling matchups and intense competition, with the participation of the seventh team, sponsored by Fight Scout. The event will be broadcasted live on FloGrappling and the Fight Scout App, offering fans worldwide the opportunity to witness the excitement firsthand.

The roster for the sponsored team competing in the qualifying tournament includes:

  • Manager: Lubomir Guedjev
  • 60kg: Vladi Zapryanov
  • 65kg: Milos Gajic
  • 70kg: Boris Tonev
  • 76kg: Marko Ancic
  • 83kg: Vladi Genov
  • 91kg: Belmir Ahmespahic and Kristian Popov

This sponsorship initiative by Fight Scout underscores the company’s dedication to supporting and promoting talented athletes in the realm of grappling sports. By backing a team for the AIGA Global qualifying tournament, Fight Scout provides athletes with a platform to showcase their skills and compete at the highest echelons of competition.

Lubomir Guedjev, founder & CEO of Fight Scout, expressed pride in sponsoring a team for the upcoming AIGA Global qualifying tournament, stating, “Grappling under the AIGA banner epitomizes the pinnacle of technical skill and strategy in wrestling disciplines. We are thrilled to spotlight the talent of our sponsored team on the international stage.”


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