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Sponsorship revenue in the English Premier League has once again seen a significant boost, with the top clubs bringing in substantial sums from partnerships with major brands.

However, it seems that clubs outside the top 8 struggle to generate significant revenue from sponsorship deals and must rely heavily on TV rights revenue.

Leading the way is Manchester City, which has topped the list with a record-breaking £258.05m in sponsorship revenue. Manchester City is unique among English Premier League clubs in that it has installed ‘double size’ LED boards at the Etihad Stadium, which helps to generate more visibility for fans in the stadium, broadcast audience, social media, and news media. This leads to increased brand and earned media value.

This is closely followed by Manchester United, who have generated £192.5m in sponsorship deals.

Chelsea and Liverpool also feature highly on the list, with revenues of £156.25m and £144m respectively. Meanwhile, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur round out the top six with £126.33m and £106.25m in sponsorship revenue.


Leicester City, Newcastle United, and Everton make up the middle of the table, with revenues of £28.83m, £28.5m, and £27m respectively. West Ham United, Brighton, and Bournemouth follow closely behind, with £23m, £17.78m, and £15.25m in sponsorship revenue.

Premier League Football Clubs Sponsorship Revenue 2022

Club Total Revenue
Manchester City £258.05m
Manchester United £192.5m
Chelsea £156.25m
Liverpool £144m
Arsenal £126.33m
Tottenham Hotspur £106.25m
Leicester City £28.83m
Newcastle United £28.5m
Everton £27m
 West Ham United £23m
Brighton & Hove Albion £17.78m
AFC Bournemouth £15.25m
Aston Villa £15m
Crystal Palace £14.25m
Southampton £14m
Leeds United £12.15m
Nottingham Forest £7.5m
Fulham £7.4m
Brentford £6.2m
Wolverhampton Wanderers £4.75m

Source: Sponsorlytix

Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Southampton, and Leeds make up the lower half of the table, with revenues of £15m, £14.25m, £14m, and £12.15m respectively. Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Brentford, Wolves, and Aston Villa complete the list with £7.5m, £7.4m, £6.2m, £4.75m, and £15m in sponsorship revenue.

It’s clear that the top clubs in the English Premier League continue to dominate when it comes to sponsorship deals, with Manchester City and Manchester United leading the way. However, it’s also worth noting the strong performances of Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal, who have also brought in substantial sums from partnerships with major brands.


Source: Sponsorlytix

The importance of sponsorship revenue in professional football cannot be overstated, with clubs relying on these partnerships to bring in the funds needed to compete at the highest level. From shirt sponsorships to stadium naming rights, the revenue generated from these deals helps to fund player transfers, wages, and other expenses.

It will be interesting to see how these sponsorship revenues evolve over the coming years, as the English Premier League continues to grow in popularity and attract top brands looking to align themselves with the world’s most popular football league.


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