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In the Premier League, money matters just as much as the game itself. Clubs rely heavily on sponsorship deals to stay financially strong. Let’s look at the numbers from the 2022/23 season to see who’s making the most.

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Manchester City leads the pack with £254.4 million in sponsorship revenue. Their global appeal and partnerships bring in big bucks, showing how important business is in football.

Premier League Football Clubs Sponsorship Revenue 2022/23

Club Total Revenue
Manchester City £254.4m
Manchester United £189.4m
Chelsea £152m
Liverpool £148m
Arsenal £125.5m
Tottenham Hotspur £102.6m
Newcastle United £35m
Everton £28.8m
West Ham United £27m
Aston Villa £23m
Sheffield United £17.7m
Crystal Palace £15.2m
AFC Bournemouth £12m
Brighton & Hove Albion £10.2m
Fulham £10m
Wolverhampton Wanderers £8.1m
Nottingham Forest £7.5m
Burnley £6.4m
Brentford £6m
Luton Town £3m

Source: Sponsorlytix

Manchester United isn’t far behind, earning £189.4 million. With their rich history and huge fanbase, they’re a commercial powerhouse.

Chelsea comes in third with £152 million. They’ve used their global brand to secure lucrative partnerships, keeping them competitive at the top.

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Source: Sponsorlytix

Smaller clubs like Sheffield United and Brentford struggle to compete financially, earning much less in sponsorship revenue—£17.7 million and £6 million respectively. But they fight on, showing resilience in tough times.

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Every club has its own strategy to attract sponsors. Liverpool and Arsenal focus on global endorsements and digital innovation, while Tottenham Hotspur banks on their modern stadium.

As the season progresses, the competition for sponsorship deals heats up, showing that in football, money talks as loudly as the cheers from the stands.


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