VENTUM, the manufacturer of the world’s fastest time trial bicycle as well as the industry-leading NS1 road bike, announced today that it has launched in the Middle East.

The premium bike company, which leverages technology from fighter jets and Formula One race cars to design their bicycles, is headquartered in Utah, USA and is launching in the Middle East with a unique business model. The bikes will be available to buy online supported by a series of ‘demo rides’ and on-your-doorstep pre/post sale servicing.

The business model merges the efficiency of online sales with the personal touch of a local bike store and will be led by a team of VENTUM riders and technical specialists to offer a world-class customer experience.

VENTUM’s history began like many of the most cherished tech brands – in a small garage late at night. What started as a pet project between a professional triathlete, an entrepreneur and an engineer, quickly escalated into the manufacture of the world’s fastest time trial bike – the VENTUM ONE.

The VENTUM ONE boasts a unique and unconventional design which demonstrates significantly better aerodynamic performance than its competitors. It is the first “non-traditional” bike frame to officially be declared legal by the international governing body of triathlon.

The radical design of the VENTUM ONE is a patented “Z” shaped frame with integrated hydration. With no downtube and seatstays, the VENTUM ONE certainly turns heads. Built for maximum performance in real-world race conditions, when tested in the wind tunnel the VENTUM ONE decreased drag by a staggering 117g (24%) over the closest competing triathlon bicycle.

The brand launched to the public at the 2015 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and in 2018, VENTUM became the first ever global bike partner of IRONMAN. Since that day, the VENTUM ONE has carried VENTUM pro athletes to multiple course records – Lauren Brandon’s 2019 IRONMAN Boulder Course record and Cody Beal’s back-to-back records at IRONMAN Mont Tremblant in 2018 and 2019 to name just a couple.

“VENTUM prides itself on being a pioneer and an advocate for innovation. When we released the VENTUM ONE, there were a lot of skeptics. But once our competitors saw its performance, they rushed to create non-traditional, non-UCI-legal triathlon bikes too.” recalled VENTUM CEO, Diaa Nour.

According to independent research, athletes riding VENTUM bikes in the IRONMAN® World Championship finished the bike portion of the race an average of 18 minutes faster than those riding other bicycle brands.

2017 marked the year VENTUM introduced their next product, the VENTUM Z. This entry level bicycle entered the market at a lower price point but maintained the patented “Z” shaped frame and thus the aerodynamic advantages of the VENTUM ONE.

2019 brought in yet another advancement from VENTUM – the VENTUM NS1. VENTUM’s first UCI legal road bike is a well-balanced machine that combines aerodynamics, light weight, compliance and the ability to tackle any road. The NS1 utilizes advanced technologies in carbon layup and design with the addition of Graphene to make the NS1 one of the lightest and strongest road frames on the market today.

And just last month, VENTUM released the latest model in its range – a performance-driven gravel bike, called the GS1.

“If you thought we were just a triathlon company, think again. We’re just getting started. Ultimately, our mission is to create class-leading bikes that help to push the industry forward.” added (Diaa) Nour.

“Our first road-racing bike, the VENTUM NS1 – an all-road, all-purpose, aero and integrated performance machine – shatters the notion that a road bike can be either aerodynamic or lightweight. The NS1 is both. And just last month, we gave a sneak peek into the latest bike in the VENTUM journey – the GS1, a gravel bike like no other.”

VENTUM is now charting a deeper path and solidifying its place within the bike industry with ambitious plans to push their innovative and performance-oriented products into new verticals within the industry.

Breaking the traditional retail model, VENTUM is a direct-to-consumer company that prioritizes the pre and post-sale customer experience. Here in the Middle East, that model is especially pertinent.

“I’ve witnessed the growth of triathlon and cycling in the region over the last 7 years. When I was first moved to the UAE, I was often the only guy out on the bike track – now athletes have to arrive before 6am just to get a parking spot!” (Omar) Nour explained.

Omar Nour is a well-known personality in the region. A retired professional triathlete, adventurer and serial entrepreneur, Nour has lived in the region since 2013, using the UAE as his training base while he raced internationally as a professional athlete on the ITU’s Olympic triathlon circuit.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have these world-class cycling facilities here on our doorstep, and of course, I’m excited to start seeing our own bikes out there!” Nour added.

“When you own a VENTUM, you own the status of a top-tier brand dedicated to performance. It’s a brand that fits perfectly with local athletes who want performance, functionality and world-class customer service.”

“Changing the status-quo, we offer a unique and complete customer journey – from access to test rides, white-glove delivery, financing options to mitigate your out of pocket costs over time, on-your-doorstep servicing and maintenance, a lifetime warranty, and more. VENTUM is not only a premium product – it is a premium customer experience. Welcome to the future of cycling.”

As the Middle East emerges as one of the main hubs of cycling in the world, launching here is an important and strategic move for VENTUM – not just regionally, but on a global level. We are actively looking at the option of production right here in the Middle East – we’ve landed and we’re here to stay!”


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