The Economic Impact of Sport in Dubai

$1.7billion+ – Total Annual Expenditure Related to Sport in Dubai

$670m – Total Economic Impact of Sport in Dubai

$421m – Direct economic impact of sport in Dubai (expenditure from non-Dubai sources)

85,000+  – Mass Event Participation

400+  – Gyms in Dubai

c.14,500  – Core Industry Employment

1m+  –  Aggregate Attendance At Sports Events p.a.

300+  – Regular Annual Events

$13m+ – Expenditure on Sports Equipment p.a.

Sport plays an important role in the growth and appeal of any global city.
It is a driver of economic development and has a significant bearing on tourism, lifestyle, public health and ultimately, a city’s international reputation.

Dubai has long recognised this reality and has worked strategically for many years to invest in its resources and capabilities across the sport sector. today, Dubai is home to world-class facilities and venues, hosting home- grown local, regional and international events that welcome both elite athletes and grass roots participation.

Through the three core focus areas of Dubai’s Events, Facilities and People, this comprehensive study tells the story of sport in Dubai by quantifying its economic contribution, forecasting its impact in the years ahead and identifying areas for potential growth.

Strategically located between East and West, Dubai has a young, dynamic and multicultural population of nearly 200 nationalities and welcomes more than 10m visitors every year, with plans to welcome 20m by 2020. testament to the country’s strengths, the UaE has been awarded the honour of hosting the World Expo 2020 in Dubai – a first for the wider middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.


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