Thrill seekers in the UAE can now look forward to a full range of fun and challenging experiences at the new Circuit X outdoor adventure park in Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi’s latest leisure and entertainment destination.

Located on Hudayriyat Island and Marsana, Circuit X is spread across 15,000 square metres. Home to four action-packed parks, the destination offers a range of adventurous and fun activities for people of all ages and fitness levels, featuring BMX Park, High Ropes Park, Skate Park, and Splash & Climb Park.

Hadi Fakhoury, CEO of Tamana Adventures LLC and Managing Director at Circuit X, said: “Whether you’re daring and sporty, a first-timer in search of new adventures, or simply looking for an escape from the daily routine to spend a memorable active day together with family and friends, you can be sure to find the perfect experience here at Circuit X.

“Our unique Splash and Climb activities for the kids, challenging bike trails and skateboard ramps, and gravity-defying obstacles and thrills guarantee that everyone regardless of age will get to feel the rush. It’s all about adventure at Circuit X.”

The Splash & Climb and Skate parks are located on the Marsana side of Hudayriyat, cocooned within an urban-cool setting featuring restaurants and retail spaces – all facing the stunning blue waters of Hudayriyat and with views of the marina.

The Splash & Climb park (currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions) is ideal for children aged one to 12 years, and combines the excitement of water activities at the kiddie pool and the thrill of climbing an exclusive vertical maze concept at the Pirates Playground. Children can freely play around in a safe and supervised environment with temperature-controlled water all year round, while adults can unwind by the beach or the adjacent infinity pool.

The Skate Park offers the perfect mix of street and transition features and challenges for all skill levels. It provides a safe learning environment using high-quality equipment guided by experienced skaters who offer private lessons based on natural progression. Professionals and beginners can bring their own skateboard or scooter, or rent one at the park, and practise tricks on the three skate bowls in addition to an array of ledges, handrails, quarter pipes and bridges.

The BMX and High Ropes parks are located next to Bab Al Noujoum – a signature camping concept unique to the UAE. Both areas are connected by a Heritage trail that makes for a relaxing and educational walk by the beach.

The BMX Park will be one for both aspiring and ardent cyclists, owing to its exceptional tracks and training facilities that are hard to come by in the region, and at such affordable prices. There are two types of tracks: one of the largest asphalt pump tracks in the UAE with several areas for skills and jumps, and an outer dirt track constructed using natural materials and with custom-built ramps, hills and turns around the Park.

The High Ropes course offers activities with varying stages of difficulty, and includes a 100-metre zip line, a 13-metre free fall, and a 50-foot climbing wall. There are three levels of challenges on the High Ropes Course: the lower Kids’ course provides a fun opportunity for the younger participants to explore and build their confidence at height, while the Scouts course allows older children to explore more challenging games.

The higher Extreme course is designed for older participants and allows them to push their limits with more demanding obstacles. Guests can disembark from the ropes course either via the zip line or free fall, guaranteeing an exhilarating end to the experience and magnificent views of the Abu Dhabi skyline or overlooking the waters and Hudayriyat beach.

“Our parks provide the opportunity for all to escape the ordinary, explore thrilling and challenging activities, and immerse themselves in a fun-filled day in a seaside setting,” concludes Fakhoury.


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