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Omar Berrada’s appointment as the new CEO of Manchester United marks a significant shift in the club’s leadership landscape. Having been lured away from arch-rivals Manchester City, Barrada steps into the shoes of Richard Arnold, poised to steer the Red Devils into a new era at Old Trafford. With his staggering salary of £4.2m, Barrada now clinches the coveted title of the Premier League’s highest-paid CEO/director, symbolizing a changing of the guard at one of football’s most iconic institutions.

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In the echelons of Premier League executive director salaries, Ferran Soriano’s reign as the top earner in the previous year speaks volumes about the competitive nature of football’s corporate hierarchy. His substantial yearly earnings of £3.4 million reflect not only his personal success but also underscore Manchester City’s ascendancy in the realms of commercial prowess and transfer market dominance.

Premier League Football Clubs Staff Salaries 2022/23

Club Directors Pay Executive Staff Pay Total
Manchester United £4.2m £1.2m £5.4m
Manchester City £3.5m £1.2m £4.7m
Tottenham Hotspur £2.9m £1.2m £4.1m
Chelsea £2.8m £1.2m £4m
Crystal Palace £2.6m £1.2m £3.8m
Newcastle United £2.2m £1.2m £3.4m
Liverpool £1.7m £1.2m £2.9m
AFC Bournemouth £1.4m £1.2m £2.6m
Brighton & Hove Albion £1.4m £1.2m £2.6m
Fulham £1.3m £1.2m £2.5m
Arsenal £1.2m £1.2m £2.4m
West Ham United £1.1m £1.2m £2.4m
Everton £1m £1.2m £2.1m
Nottingham Forest £752k £1.2m £1.9m
Burnley £728k £1.2m £1.9m
Wolverhampton Wanderers £470k £1.2m £1.6m
Aston Villa £318k £1.2m £1.5m
Sheffield United £314k £1.2m £1.5m
Brentford £310k £1m £1.4m
Luton Town £310k £1m £1.4m

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While transparency regarding director salaries varies across Premier League teams, glimpses into the compensation landscape, such as Daniel Levy’s substantial £2.96 million at Tottenham, offer insights into the league’s financial dynamics

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Directors at AFC Bournemouth and Liverpool secured £1.8 million and £1.7 million, respectively, emphasizing the league’s trend of remunerating its leadership considerably above industry standards, often justifying this practice with the clubs’ high profiles and media exposure.


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