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According to the data collected and compiled by Sponsorlytix, Premier League teams have spent a total of £2.45 billion on gross transfers during the 2023/24 transfer windows, which is by far the largest amount ever recorded during a single transfer window in the history of football.

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The 2023/24 Premier League transfer window was marked by significant spending as clubs across the league vied to strengthen their squads. With eye-watering sums changing hands, the football world watched eagerly as teams sought to bolster their ranks and secure their competitive edge.

Topping the spending charts were Chelsea, who once again flexed their financial muscle under new American owner Todd Boehly by spending £399 million on new recruits. However, their aggressive approach came at a cost, with sales amounting to £229.8 million, resulting in a net expenditure of -£169.2 million.

Premier League Transfer Spending 2023/24

  Club Purchase Sales Net
Chelsea £399m   £229.8m  -£169.2m
Tottenham Hotspur £232.1m £99.9m -£132.2m
Manchester City £217.9m £101.3m -£116.6m
Arsenal £200.5m £57.9m -£142.6m
Manchester United £172.5m  £47.2m  -£125.3m
Liverpool £146.7m
£51.7m -£95m
Newcastle United £130.6m £38m -£92.6m
West Ham United £117.3m £147.2m  £29.9m
Nottingham Forest £111.8m £69.6m -£42.2m
AFC Bournemouth £108.61m £1.28m -£107.33m
Aston Villa £95m £27.7m -£67.3m
Burnley £94.7m £3.2m -£91.5m
Brighton & Hove Albion £93.4m £167.1m £73.7m
Wolverhampton Wanderers £80.2m £144.3m £64.1m
Brentford £61.7m £8.6m -£53.1m
Fulham £58.4m £45.3m -£13.1m
Crystal Palace £57.8m £0m -£57.8m
Sheffield United £57.1m £26.3m -£30.8m
Everton £34.5m  £70.6m  £36.1m
Luton Town £22.1m  £0m  -£22.1m

Source: FIFA, UEFA, England FA, Sponsorlytix

Following closely behind were Tottenham Hotspur, who shelled out £232.1 million. Despite offloading players worth £99.9 million, Spurs still found themselves with a significant net spend of -£132.2 million.

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Manchester City, known for their lavish spending in recent years, continued their trend with a total expenditure of £217.9 million. Offloading players worth £101.3 million helped mitigate their financial outlay, but they still ended the window with a net spend of -£116.6 million. The reigning champions were keen to strengthen their squad as they sought to defend their title against stiff competition.

Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool also made significant investments in new talent, with each club surpassing the £100 million mark in total spending.

Source: FIFA, UEFA, England FA, Sponsorlytix

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Outside the top spenders, Brighton & Hove Albion emerged as one of the surprise packages of the window. The Seagulls made significant profits from player sales, raking in £167.1 million, while also investing £93.4 million in new signings. This resulted in a positive net spend of £73.7 million, positioning Brighton as dark horses for the upcoming season.


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