PLC Inaugurates Its New Season With The Annual Match Officials Forum
Arabian Gulf League

The 2017-18 pre-season workshop organised by the Pro League Committee commenced on the afternoon of Thursday the 24th of August in the presence of His Excellence Abdulla Naser Al Junaibi, Chairman of the PLC and members of the PLC Executive Office.

The three-day workshop is attended by representatives of professional clubs and match officials cooperating with the PLC. Ahead of the first session, members of the Executive Office honoured match officials for their efforts in making last season a success.

Day one of the workshop went on with a lecture from UEFA, FIFA and English Premier League match delegate Mark Blackbourne who focused on the role of match delegates and the importance of coordination between various stakeholders involved in match organisation. Blackbourne touched on the safety and security regulations in international football stadiums and the organisational systems adopted in international matches, highlighting experiences of world leagues.

The lecturer lauded the progress the Arabian Gulf League is making in various aspects, reserving praise for the level of organising in league matches.

Chairman Al Junaibi insisted the PLC is eager to continue working with clubs to develop the Arabian Gulf League environment, adding that the success of the PLC thus far would not have been possible without the involvement of the clubs, stressing on the importance of working as a unit to take the league to the aspired level.


Al Junaibi spoke about the PLC’s determination to invest in individuals and raise the competency of club staff to maintain the success delivered already. He explained that organising the pre-season workshop comes in an effort from the PLC to educate national cadres and continue its work to improve the league system.

“Our wise leaders always aim to be number one in all fields”, said Al Junaibi, “and we kept working hard in harmony throughout the past years to follow in their footsteps and under their instructions until we reached the top of Asian rankings. The big challenge remains maintaining our top spot and continuing to work to further improve”.

The workshop continues throughout Friday and Saturday with sessions on media, TV broadcasting, marketing and competitions’ regulations updates.



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