Dubai Police & DSC Launch Volleyball Competition, as part of the "Positive Spirit Initiative"

As part of the first stage of the “Positive Spirit Initiative”, the volleyball competition has been launched Friday evening 18th Aug. 2017 at Mirdif Park. The pioneering “Positive Spirit Initiative” is launched by Dubai Police in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council and several other governmental & private entities in Dubai.

The Initiative is organized in the context of “Hamdan Bin Mohammed Community Sports Initiative”, aiming to motivate the various classes of society to exercise sport & physical activities as a vital factor to enjoy happy life & acquire positive energy. Two matches were contested in the first day of the competition; as following: Pathical beat Dilsco 2 – 1, while JKV surpassed Emirates Volleyball Stars 2 – 1.

Further three matches are scheduled Friday 25th Aug. 2017 at 06: 00 pm; as following: Dilsco to play vs. Emirates Volleyball Stars / JKV to contest Nice Berger / ASL vs. Pathical.  The volleyball competition is held with participation of six teams; these are: Dilsco, JKV, Nice Berger, Emirates Volleyball Stars, Pathical& ASI.  Participating teams are classified into two groups; the 1st & 2nd placed teams of each group to qualify promptly to the semi–final stage, during which the 1st placed team in each group to play vs. the 2nd placed counterpart in the other group.

The two winners will then contest the final match on Friday 15th Sept. 2017. The “Positive Spirit Initiative” boosts the values of tolerance, co-existence & dialogue among all individuals in community and respect of others besides refusing of all forms of extremism, violence, intolerance & discrimination. The initiative also popularizes the culture of the exercise of sport as a vital social means to exploit leisure times in useful activities for all classes of society.

The second stage of the “Positive Spirit Initiative”, to be held at Muhaisna 2, is scheduled from 1st Sept. & up to the end of Nov. 2017. The third stage, to take place at Barsha 1, is scheduled from 1st Dec. 2017 to 28th Feb. 2018, while the last stage will be launched from Al-Quoz First Industrial Area, dated from the 1st March to 31st May 2018. It is worth-mentioning that the first stage of the initiative has been commenced at Mirdif since 29th May 2017 and is scheduled to be concluded on 25th Aug. It is according to the first stage’s programs, five– a–side football competition and 3 on 3 basketball tournament were arranged at Mirdif Park with massive presence of spectators & sports fans. In this regard, Dubai Police arranged remarkable taekwondo exercises for children.


An exciting basketball competition was also held from 7th July to 4th Aug. at Uptown Mirdif Park, as part of the first stage of the event.   The Positive Spirit Initiative is held with participation of Dubai Police, Dubai Sports Council, Al-Ameen Service, Dubai Municipality, RTA, Dubai Health Authority, Community Development Authority, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Knowledge & Human Development Authority, Dubai Media Incorporated, Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in Dubai, Dubai Real Estate, Uptown Mirdif, Arabian Broadcasting Network and Juveniles Awareness & Care Association. It is in the context of the initiative’s programs, tough competitions are held throughout summer times in football, volleyball, cricket& basketball games besides competitions for people of determination. The various competitions of the initiative take place at Mirdif, Barsha, Muhaisna 2 & Al-Quoz Industrial throughout the summer times, from 29th May 2017 to 31st May 2018.


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