Football transfer fees have exploded over the last two decades with some of the top clubs not afraid to spend more than €100M for the most elite of players. According to data gathered by Safe Betting Sites, Manchester City FC spent the most in transfer fees on their current squad among the top 5 leagues in Europe having spent over a billion Euros on transfer fees on their current squad.

Manchester City Current Squad Worth €1.04B In Transfer Fees

Out of Europe’s Top-5 Leagues – Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga – Manchester City’s current squad is the most valuable in terms of transfer fees spent by their club with a squad value of €1.036B. This is a €22 M increase from the previous year and is also €148M more than the second most expensive squad club, Paris St Germain whose total squad is worth €888M in transfer fees.

Chelsea FC had the biggest increase from 2019, with an additional €198M in transfer fees for 2020 taking the total squad value to €761M. Wolverhampton FC rounds out the top 20 with a total squad value of €293 M.

Premier League Most Representatives In Top 20 Most Expensive Squads In Europe

The Top 20 most expensive squads in Europe is littered with massive clubs from all over the continent but it is the English Premier League that had the most representatives in the top 20, with 9 Premier League clubs included in the list. Serie A has 4 teams in the list, La Liga with 3, and the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 with two representatives each.


Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris St. Germain, Juventus, Real Madrid Most Expensive Squads In Europe’s Other Leagues.
The aforementioned Paris St. Germain has the most expensive club in France’s Ligue 1 while Bayern Munich is the most expensive squad from the Bundesliga in terms of transfer fees with a squad value of €408M. Barcelona is the most expensive squad in La Liga beating out their arch-rivals, Real Madrid by €118M, with a total squad value of €826M. Juventus meanwhile is the most expensive squad from Italy with a value of €594M in transfer fees.


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